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Articles in Gendai Business
Forbes Japan
Courrier Japon
Planet lean Takao Sakai on product and process development at Toyota
Agile Japan newspaper ~アジャイルの源流と課題~

【US & Europe】

LPPDE US 2015 Texas keynote
LPPDE UK 2016 Reading keynote
LPPDE US 2017, San Jose keynote
LPPDE 2018, Paris opening keynote & full day workshop
Lean Enterprise Institute, Boston
Steelcase, Inc. 
Chalmers University of Technology


Agile Japan 2018 “Product management” PO role in knowledge -intensive product development 
Denso Ten
Denso on “TPD and The Age of talent”
Fujitsu software technology conference, Keynote
Renesas electronics for 600 engineers, how to revamp by TPD
Tokyo medical school 100th anniversary memorial speech: Lean healthcare and future of management of medical service industry, how to realize high quality & low cost medical service.
Nihon Koden, AED top supplier in Japan “TPD and talent management”
Lecture for SMBC Nikko Securities Automotive sector analysts  #1 The Secret of Toyota, TPD and TPS
SMBC Nikko Securities Automotive sector analysts  #2 How Toyota keiretsu comapnies make huge profit
Hachinohe-city, Aomori pref.” The age of talent and the secret behind the success of Toyota”
Ise newspaper, political conference, Mie pref.” Why only Toyota still is strong? The secret of TPD」
Courierr Japon , How to utilize the talents you have to survive in global market?
DBIC, Digital business incubation center, Chief innovation officers in Keidanren major 30 companies
Japan Management consultants Association  #132 summer Japan top management semiar
Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, East Mikawa, west Mikawa principals. Creative talent in industrial structure shifting era
Professor of emiretus of University of Tokyo, Yotaro Hatamura 『Research group of technology creation 』keynote for keidaren executives
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. Jan 2018 issue on how to nurture talent for next-generation automotive industry
ACCJ PMC, The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan PMC
Institute of Industrial  Science, The University of Tokyo, value creation by design project member on TPD

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